3 years around the world

1 motorcycle - 80 countries - more than 210'000 km and a self built raft

The journey began in Switzerland 2010 and it was completed in 2013 in Argentina. The adventure was not about statistics of speed, length or setting records but exploring the world in a way to get to know people you meet on the road and to discover things which you don't read in guide books.


The whole journey was self financed without sponsors and since Dylan had a small budget, he spent most of his nights in the tent that accompanied him around the world pitching it anywhere that gave him enough concealment and privacy. The biggest challenge of the journey he faced, however, was not on roads in South Sudan or East Timor but on the Pacific ocean.


After three years on the road Dylan reaches Panama where no roads would take him to his next destination- South America. Between Panama and Colombia lies one of the most dense jungles of the planet where roads do not exist- the Darien! Dylan takes up the challenge and decides to build a raft out of ten empty oil barrels which is powered by the motorcycle and sets sail hoping to reach Colombia. What happens in the course of the next six weeks is good enough for a Hollywood blockbuster. But until the film is created, Dylan tells his story in his live multimedia presentation and the book “When the Road Ends”.



Martina Zürcher & Dylan Wickrama

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