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When the road ends

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BOOK: When the road ends

This story may be the most unusual and incredible motorcycle journey you will ever get to read about! It is Inspirational, funny and moving and has the quality to take you on an adventure.

As a young child, Dylan often daydreamed of adventure and yearned to travel the world. However, growing up in Sri Lanka, facing extreme poverty and many hardships, his dreams often seemed as impossible to reach as the stars in the night sky. Yet despite all the odds and many years later, Dylan literally rides around the world on a motorcycle which he affectionately names Bruce. After 130,000 miles, four continents and two and a half years later, Dylan finds himself in Panama where all roads suddenly end. Undaunted, Dylan builds a raft atop ten oil barrels, powered by his motorcycle and sets sail accross the Pacific Ocean. This is the beginning of one of the most remarkable and incredible adventures ever. The mission, to reach Colombia and the next continent!


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Book Reviews

Overlander Magazin:

Quite probably book of the year. This is a beautifully written account of a GS-mounted global odyssey which barely mentions any of the route. Instead, it focusses on the author’s somewhat unconventional assault on the Darien Gap, that impenetrable section of the Americas between Colombia and Panama ... As the title suggests, everything hinges on what happens ‘when the road ends’, yet Dylan seamlessly interweaves other random parts of his global trip. There’s nothing linear about this read and it’s all the better for it. The raw adventure and ‘can-do’ attitude reminds me of Danny Liska back in the very early 60s and I absolutely love it for the whole reading experience. Physically the hard-backed item is a delight to hold; the production values superb. It has a dust jacket, excellent layout and design, some lovely inner sleeve graphics and even has one of those fabric ‘bound bookmarks’.

If you care as much about reading as you do motorcycle travel, this will satisfy like few others.



No words to describe this remarkable story. I was able to meet Dylan in London to hear his story in person where I quickly dove into his book as soon as I got home. What's beautiful about this story is that it's his story and his alone! He set out not to duplicate what has already been done or even dare to be different for the sake of it. He left home with his heart's desire to go past his own limits into an unknown world where he found out more than he ever could about himself. You will find out that there are still so many good people in this world that are willing to give their shirt off their back to help someone in need, to provide shelter, to feed others even when hard to feed themselves.
No matter if you ride a motorbike or not this book, this story, Dylan's story is for anyone out there longing for a sense of adventure to go past your comfort zone and tap into areas most people don't touch in their lifetimes. It has sparked me to set off on my adventure where truly the road ends and a whole new life begins. He challenges you not to long for more of his story at his last page but for you to get up and make your own adventure, to start your own new chapter. Enjoy the read as much as I did! Thank you Dylan for sharing your story with us all.
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