When the road ends...


 Waking up to the sniffing sounds of grizzly bears in Alaska, Camping in the wild and lonely beaches of Costa Rica, Having breakfast with the phosphor miners in a volcanic crater lake in Indonesia, riding endless kilometers in the Australian outback and getting spied on by the Kangaroos. Narrowly escaping being kidnaped by an armed tribal group in the jungles of Ethiopia or pitching the tent for the night in the middle of a rural road in Mexico. The inspiring stories of a solo motorcycling adventurer are many!


Then you arrive at a point where there is no road to continue. Between Panama and Colombia, lies one of the most impenetrable jungles of this planet: The Darien! Stretching from the Pacific coast from the West to the Atlantic coast on the East,  the Darien is home to many different groups of guerrilla fighters, drug smugglers and randomly scattered but notorious tribal groups which makes Darien into one of a  dangerous regions in Central and South America.  

 A perfect challenge for Dylan!


 As the first man ever he sails more than 700km solo, on the Pacific Ocean from Panama into Colombia on a self-built raft propelled by a motorcycle and experiences one of a kind adventure! A journey that is not only takes him across country borders but also tests his personal limits.


Constant repairs, ocean currents, storms and zero experience as a sailor Dylan faces some harsh moments of adventure. When things go from bad to worse, it's the dolphins that come to his rescue.


Dylan travelling without a schedule, without travel guides and always looking to keep off the beaten paths to discover something unique, tells an inspiring story of a world tour and many beautiful encounters in photos and videos he made during this epic journey.

Not only a show about an adventure story - but also a motivational speech



Martina Zürcher & Dylan Wickrama

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