Dylan Wickrama


When you translate Wickrama into English, it literally means “Adventure” and with that everything is summed up  about the man and his passion! 

Dylan was born and brought up in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Growing up in the midst of endless problems and hardships helped him become the man he is today: Problem solving is a part of the adventure and problems are a part of life and that's where life becomes an adventure! Optimism is not a "nice thing to have" - It's a must if success is what you are looking for, no matter what you are trying to achieve! 


In 2010 Dylan started his epic adventure "Around The World 360" by getting on his beloved motorcycle named Bruce and headed into the horizon in search of new adventures. Travelling without plans, on a tight budget and journeying on a motorcycle around the world strengthen your creativity says Dylan. And that creativity helped him to resolve problems ingeniously. When roads end that's when Dylan can show you where you find courage to build rafts to cross oceans! Today Dylan spends his time between travelling and engaging in public speaking inspiring people at various venues internationally.


"Inspiring people is my calling and I will show you that nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude!" 



Martina Zürcher & Dylan Wickrama

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